Modern Day Interior Decorating

Living in a place where you can’t make all your own is pretty difficult. The inability to change paint colors or hang every picture you and your friends take is either limited or impossible when you live in a rented space or a dorm room. Although, when you finally find the right place that lets you do all these things, magic can happen.

Some people feel that decorating is a daunting and expensive task, but truth be told, it doesn’t have to be that way. Websites such as Pinterest, Houzz, and HGTV means that finding inspiration, furniture and paint colors are fairly easy and free. You can start from nothing and find your dream space, and often how to get it that way.

In today’s online world, you don’t need to hire an interior decorator to make your home look like something straight out of Better Homes and Gardens, you can do it yourself. Building an inspiration board on Pinterest is the first step. Browse the Home Decor section on the website and pin what you think you might like of all different styles. Then, move onto specific boards like furniture, do-it-yourself projects, specific rooms, and walls of what you actually want to use.

The best part about Pinterest is that, usually, when you click on the pin it takes you to the directions of the project or the store you can buy that certain table from. It eliminates the guessing game of “Where did she get that coffee table?” Or if you are browsing a furniture site and come across a perfect bed frame, you can pin it to your board and remember it for later. It’s a design binder on the web that keeps all your ideas and items in one easily accessible place.

Interior decorating doesn’t have to be a long and scary process in an owned or a rented space because design websites and Pinterest have your back.




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