Fall décor DIY: Initial front door decoration

Do-it-yourself projects are an inexpensive way to decorate your small space for the seasons on a budget. Chances are if you’re living in a small space, you’re already living on a tight budget and don’t have a huge one to spend on holiday decorations.

“This is one of my favorite times of the year and I want to decorate my apartment but buying things that can only been used a few months out of the year doesn’t really make sense on my budget,” said Erin McGinty, a sophomore at Arizona State University who lives at the Hub in Tempe.

“I think I’ll be DIY’ing a lot of my holiday décor to save money but still be festive,” McGinty said.

With Tuesday having been the first day of October, here’s how to make a cute fall front-door decoration using your initial.

Items needed for this project are laid out on a table. You'll need: A large wooden letter, Command hooks, acrylic paint, a paint brush, black ribbon, twine, a bunch of fake flowers and leaves, and a glue gun.

The items you’ll need are: acrylic paint (optional), a paint brush (also optional), 3M Command hooks, ribbon, a large wooden letter, a bunch of fake flowers and leaves in fall colors, and a glue gun.

The total for all the materials  (minus the glue gun and the acrylic paint) was just 18 dollars. It may seem a little on the pricey side, but the ribbon, twine and 3M Command hooks can be used on other projects.

*If you would like to decorate your letter with the acrylic paint, such as polka dots or stripes, paint them onto your letter and let them dry before you continue onto the further steps. In this case, the letter was not painted prior to the project.

The picture shows one glueing the fake leaves onto the letter with the glue gun.First, you’re going to cut some leaves from the bunch and glue them onto part of your letter with the hot glue gun. You can glue as many layers of leaves as you’d like, but in this case there were four leaves used.

This picture shows one cutting a fake flower from the bunch.Next, you’re going to cut one of the fake flowers from the bunch. You may need to use wire cutters in this case instead of scissors depending on what material is used in the stem of the flower.

The flower you just cut is being glued on top of the leaves.

After cutting the flower from the bunch, remove the stem from the bottom of the flower. Use the hot glue gun to glue the flower on top of your layered leaves.

*For this example, the petals were cut shorter so the leaves could be seen. Though, if you like your flower as is or if it’s already small, don’t cut your flower’s petals.

This picture demonstrates one wrapping twine around the letter.Next, you’re going to take the twine and cut a long enough piece to wrap around your letter many times. Next to your flower and leaves, glue one end of the twine to the letter to secure it and begin wrapping. You will want to glue part of the twine down every other wrap so it will stay tight.

*In this example, the twine was wrapped in another place on the letter for balance. You would repeat the same steps from above to do this.

The photo shows one holding down leaves in order for the glue to stick.For more balance, two leaves were glued on the opposite side of where the other ones were glued. Only these leaves were glued to the back side of the letter.

The photo shows a 3M Command hook being secured to the back of the letter upside down.Next, take one of your 3M Command hooks and follow the directions of how to attach it to your letter.

When you attach your hook, make sure you hang your hook upside down at the top of your letter (make sure the opening of the hook if facing towards the bottom of your letter). Also, make sure you’re attaching your hook to the back side of your letter.

The photo shows one putting ribbon around the 3M Command hook.Then, cut some of your black ribbon. This example used enough ribbon to have four wrap-arounds. Tie the ends of your ribbon together and then put it through the hook.

This photo shows the find product of the DIY.The final step is to hang your new decoration on your door! You can use another 3M Command hook to hang your letter onto your door.

*The inspiration for this project came from this pin from Carolyn Shortill’s Pinterest board.


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