College students look to Pinterest for dorm inspiration


Ashley Gistinger has three strands of photos hanging from twine and clothespins in her dorm room.

Ashley Gistinger used Pinterest as inspiration for the way she displayed photographs in her dorm room. Photo courtesy of: Ashley Gistinger

Spotting which home décor trends are right for you is just a click away.

“One of the best places to find ideas for great dorm décor, storage ideas, and DIY projects is Pinterest,” according to this article from Best Colleges Online.

More and more college students are looking toward the online bulletin board, Pinterest, to find ways to decorate their new dorms and apartments.

“…I saw a ton of cute dorm decorating ideas on Pinterest,” said Ashley Gistinger, a Taylor Place resident and Arizona State University student.

A pin of photographs hanging from plain clothespins on string inspired Gistinger.

“The picture was just a piece of twine with pictures hanging from it by clothespins, but I changed it up a bit by painting the clothespins different colors to match the rest of my ‘theme colors,’” Gistinger said.

This pin from Hannah Litaker’s Pinterest board is similar to what Gistinger used as inspiration and has more than 1,300 repins from users.

“I just wanted an interesting way I could hang a lot of pictures and make it easy to replace some or add new ones,” Gistinger said.

The best part about Pinterest is that it’s growing everyday, which allows for more idea sharing between users.

In this article for the Times Union by Brianna Snyder, she states:

“But as more and more people participate in Pinterest (in 2012, the site had a 1,000-percent growth rate), the bulletin board gets bigger. That’s more ideas for you, more inspiration, more collaboration.”

Photographs are hanging by clothespins from twine in a dorm room.

This DIY décor from Pinterest is similar to what an Arizona State University student used in her own dorm room. Photo by Kelci Cooper.


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