Tips for making the most of small closets

Take your closet from a cluttered mess with clothes on the floor to an organized closet with storage bins and extra rods.

Take your closet from a cluttered mess to an organized closet. Photo Credit: Kelci Cooper.

Organization is a necessity when living in a small space.

One downside of living in an apartment or dorm is the lack of closet space. Many small space dwellers lack a spot to put heavy coats in the summer as well as where to put all those shoes and accessories.

The resolution is to maximize the space you have to work with.

Here’s Three Organization Tips:

 1. Let go of things not needed

By going through and deciding on whether or not items are needed in your wardrobe can reduce clutter tremendously. Kent Griswold said in a Tiny House Blog article  “…the first step to organizing is separating “need” from “do not need.” The task of letting go may feel easier with friends or family to help, as identifying which items are needs and which are not is more effective when you have no emotional attachment to the items.”

 2. Invest in storage bins

Storage bins can be put to use to hold everything from shoes to sweaters. They can maximize how much you can put in one place and according to Griswold, “…are perfect for all kinds of items and might even add a bit of décor to the space.” If you have a raised bed, plastic storage drawers can be used to store out of season clothing in so the closet has room for the clothes you’ll actually wear at a particular time of year.

 3. Bring in extra hardware

Even the smallest closet can hold all your clothes if it is organized well. Buying an extra rod to hang clothes on will give the ability to store more clothes, make room for other items and de-clutter your space. This Buzzfeed article has 25 tips for organizing your closet including what to do with all those scarves and how to store more than one shirt on a hanger.


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